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The Middle East is known as the land of new business opportunities where Saudi Arabia stands as the most important market in the region. It’s a country where over 27 million inhabitants are living, an estimate of $777.9 (Bn) GDP for 2014 and a crude oil production reaching 10 Million bpd.

Saudi Arabia has experienced some of the largest projects during the past decade and much is yet to come. Saudi Arabia witnessed establishment of local and international companies to accompany the country’s production and expansion plans.

As part of our SUMOU Holding’s diversification strategy we are looking forward doing business and develop local market opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector. AWJ ENERGY ambition is to stand as Key player in the Oil and Gas industry within decade time frame.

Despite oil price fluctuation, number of promising business opportunities are coming ahead to support the industry in maintaining its production to meet the demand, in both upstream and downstream industries, resulting of high need in operations and facilities maintenance & services.

AWJ ENERGY aims to capture these opportunities to build its success by providing well, field and support services, but also inspection, logistics; testing, manpower & equipments supply services. AWJ ENERGY will be your strategic partner to access and develop your business in a professional, reliable and sustainable manner.

If you are interested in AWJ ENERGY vision, and would like to discuss further about partnering with us, we are looking forward to receive your proposal. Simply fill out the form on the right side, we’re open to business talks..

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