Sumou Holding Company is a world-class holding group and institutional investor catalyzing growth in sectors strategically important to global economies. “Crafting opportunities …. Creating success …”
The firm was officially established in 2008, and has since earned a market reputation as a highly successful holding company headquartered in Saudi Arabia.
Sumou Holding Company brings together capital, international expertise and local market knowledge to spur business growth in regional markets. We have experience in assembling consortiums of capital and talent, and mobilizing investment vehicles in response to regional opportunities.
Our external expansion is being matched by continuous internal improvement. We are creating processes and frameworks on par with those of first-rate global investment institutions.
An open-door policy has been initiated for potential investment partners, where we encourage innovative business ideas.
Sumou Holding Company has evolved its capabilities as an institutional investor. Our resources, scale, expertise and international partnerships help us add value to reach step of the economic chain, and assist us in crafting turnkey solutions and bespoke answers to market needs. At the same time, our operations are informed by our corporate social responsibilities. We prioritize business opportunities that have the potential to improve peoples quality of life, and those that create revenue while benfiting society.
Today, we are engaged with most of the industry sectors essential to global prosperity – including real estate, construction, retail, energy, mining, renewables and healthcare.
AWJ energy works closely with the group and all the subsidiary companies, with a main focus on the following subsidiary companies to achieve common goals:
Musharaka – Private Equity. Musharak is a private equity firm that deals as a principal, investment fund manager, arranging, advising and securities custody service provider. It aims to be the asset manager of choice in its field by bringing to market a range of innovative products that meet the objectives and risk appetites of both individual and corporate investors.
Daal – Venture Captial. Daal focuses on delivering innovative digital platforms and products for international and local clients. Daal is also establishing a world-class incubator designed to support entrepreneurs and digital transformation consultancies.
Powerco – Renewables. Powerco’s aim is to catalyze partnerships to invest across the renewable and conventional energy value chain, and explore opportunities in power, water and energy efficiency across the MENA region.