Our Vision

AWJ (أوج) which means, the Top, or the Zenith in Arabic, takes its essence by heading to the summit of the servicing industry within the next decade.

AWJ ENERGY ambition is to stand as Key player in the Oil & Gas industry and reach our goals and be “the leading Saudi Arabian servicing company in the Oil and Gas sector”, by partnering with international companies and experts.

We provide our services to the oil and Gas industry with the combination of local expertise and international companies’ experience and technologies.

Our Mission

AWJ ENERGY aims to capture new opportunities to build its success by providing well, field and support services, but also inspection, logistics; testing, manpower & equipments supply services. AWJ ENERGY will be your strategic partner to access and develop your business in a professional, reliable and sustainable manner.

In both upstream and downstream activities, services are needed to maintain the industry alive. Following international standards and strict procedures we deliver perfection in all services we execute. Delivering excellence and bringing innovative solutions are part of SUMOU Holding’s strategic directions.


Our core values are driven by our CUSTOMER FOCUS, VALUING PEOPLE and INTEGRITY when dealing with all stakeholders.

Desire to deliver QUALITY in COLLABORATION with our clients with the highest SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT standards.

Holding Company

In light of rapid growth witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region in general, beside the urgent need for specialized companies with experience and creative ideas to support this growth while achieving ambitious aspirations., Sumou Holding Company was established in 2008 as one of the leading companies in the region to keep pace with development and growth in business and the economy. Sumou continuously exploring and evaluating business opportunities to expand all of its business while relying on the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that creates the distinctive views by which Sumou Holding establishes the rules for a transcending life.

To achieve this vision Sumou is committed to providing a creative professional environment depending on the founder Mr. Ayedh Bin Farhan Al Qahtani who has a vast experience and distinct embodied in the founding of a number of leading companies in the region during the past two decades.

Sumou Holding is a premier holding company investing in various sectors, such as

  • Real Estate companies
  • Construction companies
  • Energy  companies
  • Retail companies
  • Agricultural companies
  • Financial Services

In addition of that, it buys existing companies or most of their shares, then, it sufficiently provides them with all the necessities and requirements in order to increase their productivity. Sumou also offers special real estate funds in collaboration with specialized financial associations to finance major development projects in the region.

Our Customers & Target Clients

By targeting major clients, it will give the opportunity to grow and learn from our collaboration for a long term relationship.

 We look at every new project as a chance to grow, to challenge ourselves, to give our clients more than expected, and to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

TARGET…FOCUS…REACH…Customers satisfaction